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4 Common Mistakes People Make When Getting a Website for Their Business

We have always heard that it is essential for businesses to own a website, but some that do hardly get good results from it so their website never gets past the first year. Well, it is true that they made the move, but the question is – Did they make the right move?

There are so many common mistakes people make when getting a website for their business and as a professional in the web design industry I’ve had a lot of encounters with clients and have seen them make these mistakes and failed.

1. Picking the right web designer: I often say “Knowing how isn’t knowing why!”. Website design is a skill which is mostly having the ability to create linked internet pages and putting them online for anyone to access through a specific web address. But do you know that Not All Skilled Web Designers Know Why Your Business Needs a Website? And that is the No.1 problem. People often think that because they have the skill, they have what it takes to give you a perfect website. That is wrong because for a website to be productive and make you any income, it needs to be strategically designed to let the viewer know how your company can solve their problem at first glance and how to go about it. So if your web designer can’t tell you why your business needs a website other than the regular “it makes you more accessible” answer, then he/she cannot give you a productive website. I recommend you use our web design service to get the best out your website.

2. Thinking you know what you want: Some business owners can be very stubborn and stuck in the “I know it all” syndrome most entrepreneurs have and thereby think they know what they want their website to look like. Quick advice; Let the professionals do their job while you focus on yours. Knowing what you intend to achieve out of your website doesn’t mean you know what your website should look like. Experienced web designers who have seen websites rise and fall and why the fell will always have the upper hand in website architecture and should be allowed to do their job. It takes more than just nice colours and pictures but also being able to think like the potential customers that will visit your website and design it in a way that will prompt them to take action.

3. No advertising: This is another mistake business people make. They are ready to spend tens and hundreds of thousands of Naira to print flyers and physical publicity materials but are always sceptical of paying a token for online publicity. If you are in that category please wake up, because this is 2019 and technology is what rules. To support that claim, how many times have you collected a flyer/handbill and actually kept it for future purpose or called the phone number to patronize that service? And how many times have you been surfing the internet then seen on nice product you love on Konga, Jumia or some online store and clicked to view it properly. I’m sure if you didn’t buy on the spot, you went back some other time to buy or shared it with a friend. It’s that simple, having a website is not just about having your business online but also advertising it so people actually know it exists.

4. I can handle the management myself: It’s good to want to be adventurous or save money while trying to build/manage the online version of your business. But the fact still remains; you cannot make a better coffee than a professional coffee maker. This is true because you are not skilled enough to handle the task by yourself. You may know the basics, but to actually get positive results, you need the professionals to handle it for you. At least EasyWebsite Webmaster service cost as low as N5,000/month which is not even up to some people’s monthly data fee. In summary; when you have the need to get a website, get a professional and let them handle it their way while you make observations after and not before. That’s the only way to get the best out of your website.

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