EasyWebsite is an online web development service provider for SMEs and Startups, to enable them get quality websites and online support for their businesses and ideas at a very affordable price.


To help startups and SMEs in Nigeria have a chance to grow in today's digital world where 90% of businesses are transacted online.


To provide quality and professinal website design and management services to SMEs at a very affordable price.


- Integrity
- Excellence
- Customer Support
- Customer Satisfaction


Why Use EasyWebsite?

Getting a website is easy, anybody with the skill can do that. But getting a website that can generate income, that's a different ball game. So we have put together a team of web designers, content creators, graphics experts and web consultants with experiences in online business to ensure that each easywebsite is beneficial and brings income to its owner.

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EasyWebsite Options & Prices

Blog or Sales Page

N 10,000 /Yr
  • .com.ng domain name
  • Wordpress Blog
  • One page Sales page
  • 2 - 3 days delivery time
  • Free 1 month Web Consulting
  • Customer Support

SME Website

N 25,000 /Yr
  • .com.ng domain name
  • Free Website SEO
  • 3 - 5 days delivery time
  • Up to 4 online forms
  • Free 1 month web Consulting
  • Customer Support 

Online Store

N 50,000 /Yr
  • .com.ng domain name
  • Ultra modern store
  • Online payment (optional)
  • 7 - 14 days delivery time
  • Free 1 month web Consulting
  • Customer Support

Custom Web App

  • Contact us for quote

the professionals handle your website while you focus on your business

Our webmaster are trained to build and manage online businesses, so entrusting your website in their hands is one thing you'll always be grateful for


Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria


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Call & SMS: +234 813 342 6889
WhatsApp: +234 813 342 6889


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